I’ll jump right to what for me is the first, best step in getting ready to promote: Find an Assistant. There is so much that you the author need to do , that if you have a job, a different career, have small children and/or don’t have much money to spend on promotion-YOU NEED AN ASSISTANT. Whether you are fortunate enough to find someone to help you without paying them or trading something you can do for them, one way or another look for someone willing to help you.

Here are the basic needs you will have:
A website
A blog
a mailing list
An auto response to new readers
a dynamite elevator pitch
A beta copy of your book if possible

Additional Social Media Needs
An e-book on Amazon and Good Reads
A Facebook page and a presence on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linked In, Google and more
Go for a video blog (Facebook Live, You Tube)

There are multiple promotional possibilities that I’ll go into in the

Dimension Norraena Series
next post (which will be soon) but in the meantime- give this some thought and begin to research ways to prepare the basics.

And one more thing: Keep writing. What’s your next project? have you started? I have. I’m building a blog for my next book: NAME OF THE GAME.

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