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Dimension Norraena: Breakthrough

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ISBN: 9781457537806
400 pages

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What if?

Have you ever wondered about a parallel dimension—one existing in the same place as we are now? The DIMENSION NORRÆNA series delves into a similar possibility.

Set in 2019, Skylar Winter is catapulted out of her quiet, unassuming lifestyle as a theatre arts college instructor in Southern California when she spontaneously teleports to a not-so-parallel dimension.

Her adventure begins when she transports to a frightening place. A rational human being, she’s not about to tell anyone except to hint at what is happening, to her long- time friend, a therapist named Del. She is distracted by a flirtation with the schools technical director, Jake, but unknown to her, there is a criminal element intent on using her for their own gain.

Teleported next to a beautiful location, she encounters another species that appears to be much like humans. An amazing male, Zalehr, begins to mentor her about Norræna and the darker province, Møhrkhavn. Their mutual attraction sets in motion one of many dilemmas Skye must face. The subdued future that she believed she wanted in her life has been thrust into a whole new panorama of possibilities.

These books invite you along on her adventure as she breaks though, makes discoveries and ventures forward.


About Freddi Gold

Freddi Gold has previously been published in journals, magazines, periodicals, anthologies and a previous relationship book as a non-fiction author. Her first novel, Dimension Norræna, is available on Amazon and through her publisher, Dog Ear Publishing. A former licensed psychotherapist, television/radio host, she also teaches family and intercultural communication. Gold holds a PhD in Human Behavior and Master of Arts Degrees in Clinical Psychology and another in Drama. Fascinated with metaphysics, alien lore, and the unknown, Gold embraces her life as a professional writer.


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